Niue 2011 1$ Amber Route 28,28g Silver Aquileia

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Niue 2011 1$ Amber Route 28,28g Silver Aquileia

Country Niue Islands Year 2011 Face Value 1 Dollar Metal Silver Fineness 925/1000 Weight 28,28g Diameter 38,61 mm Mintage 10000 Quality  uncirculated Certificate COA Yes Presentation Case No The beautiful coins of the popular “Amber Route” series pay tribute to the main cities which lay along this ancient route of commercial contacts. The route connected the European states at the Mediterranean Sea and the lands on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, and was named after the major object of the travellers’ desire, amber.       On the obverse of the silver coin, there is a stylized image of a cart, in which ambers were carried by the Romans from the Baltic Sea to Italy. Behind the cart, on the left, a head of the Roman is depicted against the background of a map with the Baltic Sea outline. There is also an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the inscription of Her name. The upper part of the coin contains the legend indicating the name of the series. Below the images, there are the inscriptions denoting the coin’s face value, the year of its mintage as well as the name of the issuing country.      The reverse design features an image of columns from Foro Romano di Aquileia and the image of the mythical she-wolf suckling Remus and Romulus (the symbol of the Roman Empire), standing in front of the basilica of Aquileia. Aquileia is an ancient Roman city, one of the main archeological sites of Northern Italy. There is also a Roman ancient mosaic presenting a female head. The lower part of the coin’s reverse includes an image of a Roman coin dating back to the times of the existence of the Amber Route and an amber insertion. Above the images, there is the inscription of the name of the town.

2,200.00 грн

Доставка и оплата

Стоимость доставки по Украине Укрпочтой, ценной бандеролью за наш счет. Возможна доставка Новой почтой, ее вы просто оплачиваете при получении. Стоимость доставки по СНГ или в любую другую точку мира, определяется в зависимости от веса отправления, как правило, до 500гр -7$, до 1кг -12$, свыше 1кг -20$.

Пересылка осуществляется только после полной оплаты лота.

По Украине оплата на карточку Приватбанка.

Банковские платежи в долларах по системе «Контакт», «WesternUnion».

Отправка из Украины, г. Киев, ценной бандеролью с описью.


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