Cook Islands 2012 5$ Hollywood Legends 25g Silver Robert Mitchum

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Cook Islands 2012 5$ Hollywood Legends 25g Silver Robert Mitchum

Country Cook Islands Year 2012 Face Value 5 Dollars Metal Silver Fineness 999/1000 Weight 25,0g Diameter 38,61 mm Mintage 2500 Quality Proof Certificate COA Yes Presentation Case No Robert Mitchum (August 6, 1917 – July 1, 1997) was two years old when his father lost his life in a work accident as a track worker. Therefore, Robert grew up with his mother and stepfather. During his teenage years he roamed through the country doing diverse jobs to keep himself above water and took on small film roles from time to time. With the role of Lt. Walter, in “The Story of G.I. Joe“, he achieved his breakthrough in the film industry in 1945. He became more and more popular and was considered a role model for body language, facial expressions and linguistic style for generations of male movie actors. During his career “Mitch“ received many awards such as an Oscar nomination for the best supporting actor in his role as Lt. Walker. The American Film Institute has listed him as one of the 25 biggest male film legends in Holly­wood. About Hollywood Legends III Despite obscurity and lack of funds, Bruno Bernard (1912-1987) set up his first darkroom in the basement of his Hollywood apartment in 1940. Shortly thereafter, he moved his studio to the famous Sunset Strip. “No one knew the name Bernard, but they all knew Hollywood“, and hence the optical trademark signature Bernard of Hollywood, which ensured the image of glamour visually for decades, was created.    Bruno Bernard was considered as “The king of Hollywood glamour” and Marilyn Monroe’s discoverer. In 1984 Bernard was the first still photographer to be honoured with an Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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